Now that I’m a Middle Aged Woman



Now that I’m a middle aged woman, I shall go out

Singing and drinking and dancing, and not care about who goes with me

And I shall spend my grocery money on ice cream and ding dongs

And other sugary treats then let the kids cheer for dinner without broccoli

I shall jump in public fountains when it is warm

Go out with no makeup and wear shoes without heels

And sing and dance to 80’s tunes

To embarrass the kids

And give me a smile


I may wear big funky jewelry or get a tattoo and not have to hide who I am

I can choose clothes that don’t fit or are no longer in style

And let all my roots grow in.

Because I’m too old to care if it’s wrong or it’s right

This is the way that it is.


I’ve been a good Mom and I was a good wife and I did everything I was told

to do in life. So now that I’m done I have lots of time left

To do what I want, instead of what’s best.


So if you see me in town, don’t be shocked or surprised

If I am at dinner or movies alone. Just be happy for me

And maybe you will feel free, to go for a run through the fountain.